MTB- Track ALB-Gold Wadenbeißer in Albstadt, Germany

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 Traillovers beware!


33% singletrack, downhills, uphills, rugged landscapes and wide panoramas. The "Wadenbeißer" promises variety, challenges and fun!

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Startpunkt der Tour:

Leisure park Waldheim, Waldheim 1, 72458 Albstadt

Zielpunkt der Tour:

Leisure park Waldheim, Waldheim 1, 72458 Albstadt


The round trip ALB-GOLD Wadenbeißer has its starting point at the Waldheim in Albstadt-Ebingen and steers over the heights into the bottoms of the south-eastern city area. Panoramic views of the castle rock, flowparts, downhills peppered with tight hairpin bends and drops, exhausting uphills, natural trails through shady deciduous forests and the Alb plateau are the goal. Let yourself be infected by the mountain bike feeling on the Swabian Alb. A mountain bike, helmet and driving skills are certainly appropriate for the trail hunting!


 From the starting point at the Waldheim in Albstadt-Ebingen we drive first a few meters on a tarred road, which is also used by hikers, in the direction of Schlossfelsenturm. The unmistakable panoramic view from Schlossfelsen including the tower is worth a detour every time and can be reached by following the yellow hiking signage. Who wants to get ahead without detours, branches even before the viewpoint at the top right into the Downhill Schlossfelsen and rolls on the first winding trail section, which also requires technology in tackling the hairpin bends, fun in the direction of the valley. Attention a road crosses! (Driving difficulty: S2). At the end of the descent we cycle on a natural trail above Ebingens comfortably through the forest (driving difficulty: S1 with a S2 point). Attention to the Donau-Zollernalb-Weg leads here to about 200 m identical! We cross the driveway to the forest home for the second time and follow the trail over a large root further into the forest until the route leads downhill past a spring well to the Bitzer riser (driving difficulty: S1).


After we have passed the Bitzer Steige the tour steers us on narrow, flowing paths through the idyllic Ottmartal (driving difficulty: S0 to S1). On a short, crisp climb follows a varied passage, which runs mostly on forest roads and with short trail sections (driving difficulty: S1), is provided. Overall, this route is ideal for drawing strength.


On a mix of different floor coverings and another trail section, which kinks left just before the end in 90 degree angle (driving difficulty S0 to S1), want below the Mühlen-, Galgen- and Eschlesfels to the parking place Setze 4 km uphill under the tires. Once at the top, we pass the "Hotel-Gasthof zum Süßen Grund" on the right hand side. Here, not only your own energy needs can be covered, but also your E-MTB is taken care of at an e-bike station of Bike Energy. The studded tires then roll almost effortlessly up to the "Sandlöcher" across the attractive plateau of the Swabian Alb.


On the following part of the trail, which is partly tackled on paved partly on natural ground, we pass left hand, slightly off the trail, the Waldgasthaus "Zum Schönhaldenfelsen" at the eponymous "breathtaking" vantage point. Attention Traufgang juniper height crosses! During a break, the anticipation of the most impressive trail section of the route can already rise to immeasurable. On a full 1.7 km lure legendary, challenging trail slopes on the downhill Schönhalde with the desired flow character (driving difficulty: S1 to S2), spring forked passages through the tennis valley (driving difficulty: S0 to S1) and a bottleneck in the rough up and off the landscape (driving difficulty: S2).


The smallest front chainring is forced to work one last time after the Uphill Jausenteich (driving difficulty: S0), sliding passages depending on condition and technique included! After having reached this challenge on the highest point of the tour, it goes past the climbing park to the recreational area Waldheim. In good weather, a cool drink in the Bavarian beer garden at the Waldheim can review the experience.


Gastronomy directly at the track:   

  • Bayerischer Biergarten am Waldheim, Waldheim 1, 72458 Albstadt-Ebingen -> Attention: Seasonal opening times    
  • Gasthaus Zum Schönhaldenfelsen, Vor dem Härtle 2, 72461 Albstadt-Truchtelfingen    
  • Hotel Gasthof Zum Süßen Grund, Bitzer Berg 1, 72458 Albstadt-Ebingen      > Traufgänge Gastgeber  


Gastronomy in the vicinity:    

  • Gasthof Fohlenweide, Fohlenweide 1, 72458 Albstadt-Ebingen


Functional MTB, Helmet, Mobile Phone, Tool, Weatherproof Cycling Clothing, Water Bottle, Card / GPS Device, First Aid Kit

Tipp des Autors

The tour is suitable for e-bikes. Directly on the track you can charge the e-bike completely free of charge at the Hotel-Gasthof "Zum Süßen Grund"!


TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY according to singletrack scale (see name in descritions)


Lightweight (S0 - S1)    

  • smaller obstacles (for example flat roots, small stones) are possible   
  • Forest and meadow paths on non-slip natural soils, gravel, partially not solidified    
  • Wide curves

Medium (S2)   

  • Larger roots, stones or steps are to be expected    
  • Soil is often not solidified   
  • short steep ascents and descents, slippery when wet    
  • tight turns or switchbacks

Further details as well as descriptions under 



Please note before the start of the tour the information on current closures under



Is a resolution of the city Albstadt and representatives of the Alb clubs, cycling and ski clubs, agriculture, forestry and nature conservation authorities and Hegeringe with the aim of preserving forest and land and their partnership use.

  • Use the marked trails, follow the signage and respect road closures    
  • Leave no traces like garbage or dog waste, treat your way gently    
  • Respect other users of forest and land and only overtake at walking pace if notified early    
  • Take care of animals and plants    
  • Plan in advance and use the daily 


The MTB route is designed as a round trip, marked with blue square signs and identified only in one direction. The route ALB-GOLD Wadenbeißer bears the tour number 2. All statements without guarantee.


Walking on and driving through the tours described here is at your own risk. Natural forest hazards can be present.


Coming on the B27 turn off on B463 direction Albstadt / Sigmaringen. Follow the B463 over Albstadt-Laufen and Albstadt-Lautlingen to Albstadt-Ebingen. Continue in the direction of the center Albstadt-Ebingen. Then follow the signs in the direction of Bitz. At the outskirts of Albstadt-Ebingen turn off towards Waldheim. (Address for navigation systems: Waldheim 1)


Parking at the recreational area Waldheim, Waldheim 1, 72458 Albstadt

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Schwierigkeit mittel
Länge17,96 km
Aufstieg 520 m
Abstieg 520 m
Dauer 2,31 h
Niedrigster Punkt708 m
Höchster Punkt932 m
Startpunkt der Tour:

Leisure park Waldheim, Waldheim 1, 72458 Albstadt

Zielpunkt der Tour:

Leisure park Waldheim, Waldheim 1, 72458 Albstadt


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Hungry for more trails?


The bike park Albstadt in Albstadt-Tailfingen currently has four downhill trails and is looking forward to your visit!


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